Our answer to the question: “What does proMuovendo do?”
is “We wrap up” Made in Italy!”

Our territories. Open windo ws to  the world
Italy is an open gold mine. Each territory expresses original fields of artistic heritage, local crafts, culture, gastronomy, traditions, folklore, ... But all this, quite often, is not "packaged" and proposed the same way as quality products are.
Our mission is to transform the precious stones, often unrefined, into  products  to be exhibited on display to the benefit of true connoisseurs, so as to structurally and constantly attract conscious and motivated travellers, caring for the authenticity of the territories and their people.


Made in Italy to be "wrapped up
Do you think you have skills or "assets" branded Made in Italy?
Are you a craftsman, a cook, a farmer, a grape grower, an artist, a local manufacturer, ….?
For you and with you we able to design and build an “Experience” on the basis of your products and your company's unique work.
Specifically: we standardise activities and processes, we take care of the communication - photos, video, storytelling - we activate web and social marketing initiatives, we manage the booking of your offers.
We give value to your "know how" and to your products by projecting them in a national and global market, thanks to our business partners: agencies and international tour operators.

For those who love the beauty and the good things of Italy
Are you creative, inquiring, eager to learn and to "enjoy" a Made in Italy Experience?
Do you care for the authenticity of destinations and people?
Are you a traveller or a inhabitant? Italian or foreigner?
Or are you simply an explorer of Made in Italy?
It makes no difference ... proMuovendo proposals are there for you: Immerse yourself!